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The hippocampal dentate gyrus in the adult mammalian brain contains neural stem/progenitor cells (NS/PCs) capable of generating new neurons, i.e., neurogenesis. Most drugs of abuse examined to date decrease adult hippocampal neurogenesis, but the effects of cannabis (marijuana or cannabinoids) on hippocampal neurogenesis remain unknown. This study aimed at(More)
NADPH oxidase (Nox) has a dedicated function of generating reactive oxygen species (ROS). Accumulating evidence suggests that Nox has an important role in signal transduction in cellular stress responses. We have reviewed the current evidence showing that the Nox system can be activated by a collection of chemical, physical, and biological cellular(More)
Single-threaded programming is already considered a complicated task. The move to multi-threaded programming only increases the complexity and cost involved in software development due to rewriting legacy code, training of the programmer, increased debugging of the program, and ef- forts to avoid race conditions, deadlocks, and other prob- lems associated(More)
High-voltage-activated Ca2+ channels are essential for diverse biological processes. They are composed of four or five subunits, including alpha1, alpha2-delta, beta and gamma (ref. 1). Their expression and function are critically dependent on the beta-subunit, which transports alpha1 to the surface membrane and regulates diverse channel properties. It is(More)
BACKGROUND The recent emergence of the 2009 pandemic influenza A/H1N1 virus has highlighted the value of free and open access to influenza virus genome sequence data integrated with information about other important virus characteristics. DESIGN The Influenza Research Database (IRD, http://www.fludb.org) is a free, open, publicly-accessible resource(More)
Image fusion is an important tool in remote sensing, as many Earth observation satellites provide both high-resolution panchromatic and low-resolution multispectral images. To date, many image fusion techniques have been developed. However, the available algorithms can hardly produce a satisfactory fusion result for IKONOS and QuickBird images. Among the(More)
The extent of gene regulation in cell differentiation is poorly understood. We previously used saturation mutagenesis to identify 18 genes that are needed for the development and function of a single type of sensory neuron--the touch receptor neuron for gentle touch in Caenorhabditis elegans. One of these genes, mec-3, encodes a transcription factor that(More)
The widespread distribution of the tumor suppressor PTEN (phosphatase and tensin homolog deleted on chromosome 10) in the adult brain suggests its role in a broad range of brain functions. Here we show evidence supporting a physical interaction of PTEN with a region in the third intracellular loop (3L4F) of the serotonin 5-HT2C receptor (5-HT2cR, formerly(More)
Members of the gram-negative, strictly aerobic genus Comamonas occur in various environments. Here we report the complete genome of Comamonas testosteroni strain CNB-2. Strain CNB-2 has a circular chromosome that is 5,373,643 bp long and has a G+C content of 61.4%. A total of 4,803 open reading frames (ORFs) were identified; 3,514 of these ORFs are(More)