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Natural gas hydrates, as an important potential fuels, flow assurance hazards, and possible factors initiating the submarine geo-hazard and global climate change, have attracted the interest of scientists all over the world. After two centuries of hydrate research, a great amount of scientific data on gas hydrates has been accumulated. Therefore the means(More)
Massive studies have indicated that long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are critical for the regulation of cellular biological processes by binding with RNA-related proteins. However, only a few experimentally supported lncRNA-protein associations have been reported. Existing network-based methods are typically focused on intrinsic features of lncRNA and protein(More)
been investigated. [ 33–38 ] Pulsed laser sequences [ 33–37 ] were used to measure Rabi oscillations between different spin ground states, and scanning probe techniques [ 37 ] were used to achieve nanoscale resolution. For many practical applications, however, wide fi eld imaging and a simple experimental procedure are benefi cial. To accomplish this, we(More)
Gas hydrates, low molecular weight gas molecules trapped in water-ice “cages,” have gained international attention over the last few years for energy, safety, and environmental reasons. In 2000 CODATA (Committee on Data for Science and Technology, International Council for Science) established a task group for Data on Natural Gas Hydrates, which aims to(More)
This paper aims to give a thorough account of the ordering restrictions on multiple-modal constructions in Mandarin Chinese. First, we give a brief introduction of modals. Then we examine a “modals as verbs” approach (Lin and Tang 1995, Lin 2006), which proposes that modals are clause-taking verbs and handles the sequencing constraints through the(More)
This paper examines three subtypes of the verb copying construction in Chinese. We begin by looking at Cheng’s (2007) analysis of the resultative verb copying construction, according to which both standard movement and sideward movement are required to account for the verb copying construction (VCC). Cheng suggests that the same analysis can be applied to(More)
In order to improve the throughput of the opportunistic beamforming, a technique enhancing opportunistic beamforming is proposed, which combines the multiple vectors and receive antenna selection technique. Using multiple random weighting vectors at the base station and additional receive antennas at the mobile users can be viewed as increasing the(More)
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