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Multi-hop relay networks have been widely considered as a promising solution to extend the coverage area and to reduce the deployment cost by deploying the relay stations (RSs) in mobile communication systems. Suitable deployment for the RSs is one of the most important features of the demand nodes (DNs) to obtain a high data transmission rate in such(More)
Multi-hop relay network systems are expected to extend the coverage area and improve data transmission rate by deploying some relay stations. Relay selection is one of the most important features for the portable devices to obtain a quality-of-service (QoS) guarantee in such environments. In order to provide reasonable QoS guarantees for multi-hop relay(More)
and maintain the network throughput at an acceptable level. We adopt the clustering concepts to select the better locations of relay stations from candidate positions. Simulation results show that the coverage for the systems and the throughput for the users can be increased by employing our proposed strategy in multi-hop relay network systems.
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