Yun Sil Lee

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Upon activation in response to cellular stress or DNA damage, the p53 tumor suppressor induces the expression of gene products involved in cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. Using the proteasome-specific inhibitors, MG132 (N-acetyl-L-leucinyl-L-leucinal-L-leucinal) and lactacystin, here we show that the p53-response proteins, bax and mdm2 as well as p21, are(More)
MicroRNA array analysis revealed that miR-217 expression was decreased in anti-cancer drug-resistant Malme3MR cancer cells. CAGE, a cancer/testis antigen, was predicted as a target of miR-217. Luciferase activity and ChIP assays revealed a negative feedback relationship between CAGE and miR-217. miR-217 and CAGE oppositely regulated the response to(More)
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