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In ambient assisted living, one of the most concerning problems is how the living status of the elderly can be accurately judged through the data collected by ambient sensors. To solve this problem, environmental influences should be sufficiently considered. Some researchers have proposed collecting data comprehensively by distributed environmental sensors,(More)
In daily life, people tend to use mobile networks for more accurate overall data. With intelligent mobile devices, almost all kinds of data can be collected automatically, which contributes directly to the blooming of eHealth. However, large amounts of data are also leading us into the era of big data, in which new data collection, transmission, and(More)
Due to the limited resources of DTMSN (Delay Tolerant Mobile Sensor Networks), network congestion becomes a critical problem to resolve. Traditional congestion control methods where the number of copies is restricted to limit data packet forwarding cannot adapt to constantly changing network environment because of fixed number of copies. Fortunately, this(More)
Reliable data congestion analytics in crowdsourced eHealth networks becomes particularly important, especially in big data era, because of wide adaption of ubiquitous crowdsourced healthcare participants. Since a crowdsourced eHealth network has intermittent connectivity to its remote healthcare provider, researchers usually use some well-studied networks(More)
Fractal geometry has sparked considerable interest for analyzing remote sensing imageries. Fractal models have been used in several image processing and pattern recognition applications such as texture analysis and classification. Applications of fractal geometry in remote sensing rely heavily on estimation of the fractal dimension (D). When land areas are
Focusing on the leak-points in petrochemical industries, this paper discusses the key factors (i.e., equipment temperature, gas pressure, and diffusion rate) in petrochemical industries. Data from sensors of petrochemical industries need to be timely operated because of time sensitivity and it is hard to achieve associated information from sensors located(More)
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