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In order to solve the compute-intensive character of image processing, based on advantages of GPU parallel operation, parallel acceleration processing technique is proposed for image. First, efficient architecture of GPU is introduced that improves computational efficiency, comparing with CPU. Then, Sobel edge detector and homomorphic filtering, two(More)
In order to reduce trailing phenomenon for moving image in FPD (Flat Panel Display), grayscale control algorithm is proposed that simulates CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) grayscale rendition process. First, after the reason of trailing phenomenon for moving image is introduced, work processes of human eyes are illuminated and grayscale rendition of a pixel is(More)
Ubiquitous health care (UHC) is beneficial for patients to ensure they complete therapeutic exercises by self-management at home. We designed a fuzzy computing model that enables recognizing assigned movements in UHC with privacy. The movements are measured by the self-developed body motion sensor, which combines both accelerometer and gyroscope chips to(More)
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