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BACKGROUND Stemona tuberosa has long been used in Korean and Chinese medicine to ameliorate various lung diseases such as pneumonia and bronchitis. However, it has not yet been proven that Stemona tuberosa has positive effects on lung inflammation. METHODS Stemona tuberosa extract (ST) was orally administered to C57BL/6 mice 2 hr before exposure to CS for(More)
A new compound, 9,10-dihydro-5-methoxy-8-methyl-2,7-phenanthrenediol (1), was isolated from the roots of Stemona tuberosa Lour. (Stemonaceae) together with two new optically active compounds, (2S,4'R,8'R)-3,4-δ-dehydrotocopherol (2) and (2R,4'R,8'R)-3,4-δ-dehydrotocopherol (3). The structures of compounds 1-3 were determined on the basis of spectroscopic(More)
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