Yun-Sang Kim

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We propose a new subdivision scheme derived from the Lounsbery's regular 1:4 face split, allowing multiresolution analysis of irregularly subdivided triangular meshes by the wavelet transforms. Some experimental results on real medical meshes prove the efficiency of this approach in multiresolution schemes. In addition we show the effectiveness of the(More)
We propose an adaptive wavelets based multiresolution scheme by using harmonic maps for 3D irregular meshes. This approach extends the previous works in [2] and [8], which have been developed for regular triangular mesh subdivision. First, we construct parameterizations of the original mesh that results in a remesh having a subdivision connectivity for the(More)
We propose a wavelet based local subdivision of 3-D surfaces, which can be effectively applied to a mesh with complex and high curvature faces. This approach extends Lounsbery et al. works [1], which has been developed for regular triangular mesh subdivision. For such a purpose, a bi-orthogonal wavelet basis is constructed by defining a local inner product(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the healing pattern of the mucous membrane after tooth extraction necessitated by periodontal disease in the maxillary sinus. METHODS One hundred and three patients with 119 maxillary sinuses were investigated. Before implant placement, cone-beam computed tomography (CT) scanning was performed. The causes of extraction, the time(More)
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