Yun Min Chang

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Aptamers are single-stranded synthetic DNA- or RNA-based oligonucleotides that fold into various shapes to bind to a specific target, which includes proteins, metals, and molecules. Aptamers have high affinity and high specificity that are comparable to that of antibodies. They are obtained using iterative method, called (Systematic Evolution of Ligands by(More)
We demonstrate that artificial aptamer-lipid receptors (AR), which anchor on the surface of cells, can modify important cellular functions, including protein binding, enzymatic activity, and intercellular interactions. Streptavidin (SA)-AR-modified CEM cells captured the tetravalent SA with one biotin binding site. The remaining biotin sites captured(More)
BACKGROUND Laminins are heterotrimeric complexes, consisting of α, β and γ subunits that form a major component of basement membranes and extracellular matrix. Laminin complexes have different, but often overlapping, distributions and functions. METHODS Under our clinical protocol, NCT00068224, we have performed extensive clinical and neuropsychiatric(More)
A novel eighteen membered chiral macrocyclic dicarbene-digold complex [(μ-diNHC)Au(I)]2[OTF]2 (8-(+/-)) was synthesized and characterized. Starting with enantiopure diNHC imidazolium salt ligand precursors enables access to the enantiopure versions of the digold(I) metallamacrocycles, 8-(+) and 8-(-). In vitro cytotoxicity studies indicate 8-(+/-) is(More)
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