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The convergence of Services Computing and Web 2.0 gains a large space of opportunities to compose “situational” web applications from web-delivered services. However, the large number of services and the complexity of composition constraints make manual composition difficult to application developers, who might be non-professional programmers(More)
—Expressing knowledge by ontology is favorable for reuse and reasoning of knowledge. The structure of domain ontology for question answering system (QA) was formally defined, and the relations between ontology elements and semantic analysis of question and answer extraction were illustrated. The method of reusing Chinese ontology was proposed in the same(More)
We conducted a comprehensive analysis of a manually curated human signaling network containing 1634 nodes and 5089 signaling regulatory relations by integrating cancer-associated genetically and epigenetically altered genes. We find that cancer mutated genes are enriched in positive signaling regulatory loops, whereas the cancer-associated methylated genes(More)
The Web browser is a killer app on mobile devices such as smartphones. However, the user experience of mobile Web browsing is undesirable because of the slow resource loading. To improve the performance of Web resource loading, caching has been adopted as a key mechanism. However, the existing passive measurement studies cannot comprehensively characterize(More)
As a typical situational application, Web mashup reflects and accommodates some key features of Internetware paradigm. Mashup provides a development fashion that integrates data, computation and UI elements from multiple resources into a single Web application, and promises the quick rollout of creating potential new functionalities opportunistically. This(More)
Photo-sharing social media sites provide new ways for users to share their experiences and interests on the Web, which aggregate large amounts of multimedia resources associated with a wide variety of real-world events in different types and scales. In this work, we aim to tackle social event detection from these large amounts of image collections by(More)