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Web services promise to allow businesses to adapt rapidly to changes in the business environment, and the needs of different customers. The rapid introduction of new web services into a dynamic business environment can lead to undesirable interactions that negatively impact service quality and user satisfaction. In previous work, we have shown how to model(More)
—In this paper we present our research work in traffic sign detection and classification. Specifically we present a set of asymmetric Haar-like features that will be shown to be effective in reducing false alarm rates for traffic sign detection, and a robust multi-class traffic sign detection and classification system built based upon the stage-by-stage(More)
Computational methodologies that couple the dynamical evolution of a set of replicated copies of a system of interest offer powerful and flexible approaches to characterize complex molecular processes. Such multiple copy algorithms (MCAs) can be used to enhance sampling, compute reversible work and free energies, as well as refine transition pathways.(More)
Several premium automotive brands offer night vision systems to enhance the driver's ability to see at night. Most recent generation night vision systems have added pedestrian detection as a feature to assist drivers to avoid potential collisions. This paper reviews pedestrian detection based on two different sensing technologies: active night vision(More)
This paper presents a pedestrian model built collectively on a group of strong local convex shape descriptors. The pedestrian model captures the most important features of a pedestrian: head, body contour, arms, legs and crotch, and is robust to variances in appearances and partial occlusions. For an image set of 2571 pedestrians and 4369 car and background(More)
In recent years, several worms attacked the Internet and caused serious global damage. We consider that if we can detect the worm in its early spreading stage and perform the access control policy on the related routers immediately, the disaster may be alleviated or even avoided. E-Alarm makes use of network topology information, analyzes anomaly alarms(More)