Yun-Long Sie

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With advanced technologies, computer devices have become smaller and powerful. As a result, many people enjoy ubiquitous learning using mobile devices such as Pocket PCs. Pocket PCs are easy to carry and use as a distance learning platform. In this paper, we focus on the issues of transferring the current PC based Sharable Content Object Reference Model(More)
The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) includes a representation of distance learning contents and a behavior definition of how users should interact with the contents. Usually, SCORM-Compliant systems are developed based on Web browsers or Java program. We developed a system which allows users to read SCORM-Compliant course materials on(More)
The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) provides some important representation for distance learning content and the learning behavior. In general, SCORM-Compliant learning content can be viewed via the Web browsers. In this paper, we built an environment which allows people to read SCORM-Compliant course materials on hardcopy papers with a(More)
Image inpainting (or image completion) techniques use textural or structural information to repair or fill damaged potions of a picture. However, most techniques request a human to identify the portion to be inpainted. We developed a new mechanism which can automatically detect defect portions in a photo, including damages by color ink spray and scratch(More)
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