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Baicalein is a widely used Chinese herbal medicine that has been used historically in anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer therapy. However, the molecular mechanism of its anti-cancer activity remains poorly understood and warrants further investigations. The purpose of this study is to verify the activity of baicalein to inhibit the invasion of MDA-MB-231(More)
To address mechanoreceptive roles of trigeminal ganglion (TG) nerve endings in the inner walls of rat anterior eye chambers, we investigated the mechanotransduction process and mechanosensitive (MS) channel on somata of TG neurons innervating this area in vitro. Rat TG neurons innervating inner walls of anterior chambers were labeled by anterior chamber(More)
Patients with type II diabetes exhibit fibrillar deposits of human amylin protein in the pancreas. It has been proposed that amylin oligomers arising along the aggregation or fibril-formation pathways are important in the genesis of the disease. In a step toward understanding these aggregation pathways, in this work we report the conformational preferences(More)
Amyloid deposits of amylin in the pancreas are an important characteristic feature found in patients with Type-2 diabetes. The aggregate has been considered important in the disease pathology and has been studied extensively. However, the secondary structures of the individual peptide have not been clearly identified. In this work, we present detailed(More)
Cyclic peptides provide attractive lead compounds for drug discovery and excellent molecular probes in biomedical research. Large combinatorial libraries of cyclic peptides can now be routinely synthesized by the split-and-pool method and screened against biological targets. However, post-screening sequence determination of hit peptides has been(More)
Casticin (3',5-dihydroxy-3, 4',6,7-tetramethoxyflavone) has been revealed to possess various kinds of pharmacological activities, including immunomodulatory, anti-hyperprolactinemia, anti-tumor and neuroprotetective activities. In order to gain an understanding of the biotransformation of casticin in vivo, a systematic method based on liquid(More)
This paper presents a new progressive mesh simplified algorithm for triangle meshes. We use smallest dihedral and shortest edge as principles for choosing collapsing edges to create progressive mesh. Our method did better in reducing the geometry deformation than some traditional methods like quadratic error measure of volume or distance. The way of(More)
Gaussian low-pass filtering is a common post-process operation which is exploited to blur and conceal these discontinuities at the border of tampered objects introduced by copy & paste operation, making the tampered image more realistic. In this paper, a novel approach for detecting Gaussian low-pass filtering in digital images is proposed based on the(More)
The hepatitis C virus (HCV) alternate reading frame protein or F protein of the HCV 1b genotype is a double-frameshift product of the HCV core protein. In order to assess the presence of antibodies specific for F protein and their clinical relevance in sera from HCV patients, we produced recombinant F protein and core protein of the HCV 1b genotype in(More)
BACKGROUND Genome-wide association studies have recently shown that the rs12979860 polymorphism in IL28B is associated with the response to chronic hepatitis C treatment. The aim of this study was to investigate whether rs12979860 could be used as a predictive marker for end-of-treatment response (ETR) or sustained virological response (SVR) in the Chinese(More)