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BACKGROUND Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is now being increasingly used among cancer patients. The objectives of our study were to assess the prevalence, types, cost, subjective effects, and side effects of CAM use, reasons for CAM use, characteristics of CAM users compared to those of nonusers, and patients' expectations of doctors regarding(More)
Zinc-finger nuclease (ZFN) gene targeting is emerging as a versatile tool for engineering of multiallelic gene deficiencies. A longstanding obstacle for detailed analysis of glycoproteomes has been the extensive heterogeneities in glycan structures and attachment sites. Here we applied ZFN targeting to truncate the O-glycan elongation pathway in human(More)
An isolated strain Streptomyces sp. HJC-D1 was applied to inhibit the growth of cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa FACHB-905. The effect of Streptomyces sp. HJC-D1 culture broth on the cell integrity and physiological characteristics of M. aeruginosa FACHB-905 was investigated using the flow cytometry (FCM), enzyme activity and transmission electron(More)
Digital photography is a promised method for estimating the fractal characteristics of leaf veins. In this study, the effects of different threshold levels and image processing methods using Adobe Photoshop software on the fractal dimension values were examined from a digital photo of nectarine leaf. The results showed that the nectarine leaf vein has(More)
Spectrum sensing is one of the most important functions in cognitive radio systems. In this paper, we focus on reducing the sensing time in a cooperative spectrum sensing paradigm. In the proposed scheme, a sequential detection technique is employed to provide a robust and quick detection system. Each of the secondary users measures the log-likelihood(More)
Protein O-glycosylation is controlled by polypeptide GalNAc-transferases (GalNAc-Ts) that uniquely feature both a catalytic and lectin domain. The underlying molecular basis of how the lectin domains of GalNAc-Ts contribute to glycopeptide specificity and catalysis remains unclear. Here we present the first crystal structures of complexes of GalNAc-T2 with(More)
Equations were derived based on the principles of light reflection to optimize the height and angle parameters of the reflective board in real time and location. The optimized parameters were applied to enhance the light intensity inside the lean-to greenhouses in China. The calculated results were significantly correlated to the actual measurements.(More)
Harmful cyanobacterial blooms, which force us to develop economical and environmental friendly ways for eutrophication control, are recognized as a nuisance that cause negative impacts on natural resources and humans. In the current study, strain Bacillus amyloliquefaciens T1 with anti-cyanobacterial activity against bloom-forming cyanobacterium Microcystis(More)
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