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How did we build a site that has grown to more than 6,000 Web pages and 50 million hits per year – with a few part-time people, with no budget for the first five years, and a minimal budget the next five? We will describe an efficient and effective design process fundamental to our strategy that is essentially a method of disciplined inquiry. Our own XML(More)
At that time, the home page had two links – one to our Instructional Systems Technology Department, and the other to the IUB home page. A decade later, our site now consists of more than 6,000 web pages, and we have received more than 41.5 million page views in the last three years — approximately 38,000 page views per day. Our website is highly ranked in(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore best practices in teaching with Web 2.0 technologies as well as the benefits and barriers associated with the use of Web 2.0. Participants in this study were 14 university instructors who had considerable experience in teaching with Web 2.0 technologies. A Web-based survey was used to collect data for this study. The(More)
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