Yun Im Choi

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Several types of cardiovascular events, including myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac death, display significant circadian variation in the timing of symptom onset. Stroke onset also shows a diurnal variation with a peak occurrence during the mid to late-morning hours.1-3 Several physiological systems and parameters, such as the cardiovascular system,(More)
Acute mountain sickness is an illness caused by climbing to a high altitude without prior acclimatization. Neurological consequences, like parkinsonism following acute mountain sickness without lesion of brain MRI have been reported rarely. A healthy 56-year-old man presented with dysarthria and gait disturbance. Neurological examination revealed tremor of(More)
The effectiveness of excimer laser photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) for astigmatism was evaluated. We treated 136 eyes of naturally occurring myopic astigmatism using the 193-nm excimer laser with an expanding slit and an iris diaphragm, and followed for a minimum of 6 months. At 6 months after operation, the mean refractive cylinder decreased from 1.62(More)
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