Yun Fong Lim

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In a network of subassembly lines, balance becomes more difficult to achieve as it requires that all subassembly lines be synchronized to produce at the same rate. We show how to adapt the ''bucket brigade'' protocol of work-sharing so that balance emerges spontaneously. 1. In-tree assembly networks Consider a network of subassembly lines such as shown in(More)
A ssigning products to and retrieving them from proper storage locations are crucial decisions in minimizing the operating cost of a unit-load warehouse. The problem becomes intractable when the warehouse faces variable supply and uncertain demand in a multiperiod setting. We assume a factor-based demand model in which demand for each product in each period(More)
A two-item two-warehouse periodic review inventory model with transshipment. Abstract We study a two-item two-warehouse periodic review inventory model that allows transshipment between warehouses and emergency orders. The model helps to determine two decisions: (i) the order up to levels for the two items at the two warehouses, and (ii) whether to accept a(More)
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