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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the value of fasting plasma glucose (FPG) value in the first prenatal visit to diagnose gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Medical records of 17,186 pregnant women attending prenatal clinics in 13 hospitals in China, including the Peking University First Hospital (PUFH), were examined. Patients with(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the usefulness of a fasting plasma glucose (FPG) at 24-28 weeks' gestation to screen for gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS The medical records and results of a 75-g 2-h oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) of 24,854 pregnant women without known pre-GDM attending prenatal clinics in 15 hospitals in China(More)
Optimal preparation conditions of DNA vaccine against swine influenza encapsulated in Poly (D,L)-lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) microspheres were determined. The microspheres were prepared by an emulsion-evaporation method using PLGA as the biodegradable matrix forming polymer. Using the optimal preparation conditions, PLGA microspheres containing the DNA(More)
BACKGROUND Benign convulsions occur in infants during the course of mild gastroenteritis. It is now recognized as a distinct clinical entity in many countries. However, its occurrence in China has not yet been widely recognized by Chinese pediatricians. METHODS A retrospective study was conducted in 48 patients with convulsions between January 1, 2004 and(More)
BACKGROUND Newcastle disease (ND) is a highly contagious viral disease of poultry caused by pathogenic strains of the Newcastle disease virus (NDV). Live NDV vaccines are administered by drinking water, eyedrops or coarse aerosol spray. To further enhance mucosal immune responses, chitosan nanoparticles were developed for the mucosal delivery of a live NDV(More)
A phage display peptide library targeting the nucleocapsid (N) protein of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) strain CH-1a was generated and used for epitope mapping. After 3 rounds of biopanning with the monoclonal antibody (MAb) N3H2 directed against the N protein, 3 positive phages were screened and sequenced. These phages share a(More)
BACKGROUND The gp90 protein of avian reticuloendotheliosis-associated virus (REV-A) is an important envelope glycoprotein, which is responsible for inducing protective antibody immune responses in animals. B-cell epitopes on the gp90 protein of REV have not been well studied and reported. METHODS AND RESULTS This study describes the identification of a(More)
Newcastle disease (ND) is a contagious and widespread avian disease affecting most species of birds. ND virus (NDV) is the only member of the avian paramyxovirus serotype 1 (APMV1) causing ND outbreak in bird flocks. The technique of nucleic acid sequence-based amplification (NASBA) is a potential method to rapidly and reliably detect NDV isolates. Here, we(More)
In the present study, five eukaryotic double-gene expression plasmids containing porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) ORF5 and ORF7 genes combined with cDNAs encoding porcine IFNgamma and IL-2 were constructed for evaluation as PRRSV vaccine candidates. After immunization and viral challenge, two of three pigs immunized with(More)