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A novel 5DOF thin coplanar nanometer-scale stage
Abstract To minimize the size of a stage with more DOF motion, this paper concentrates on the design, manufacturing process and control of a 5DOF thin coplanar nanometer-scale stage with highExpand
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Development of a novel multi-axis nano-positioning and the spiral tracking control
This paper presents the design of a sliding-mode controller for a piezoelectric-driven nanometer resolution stage. The nanometer resolution stage is developed using the features of a flexibleExpand
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Development of a straightness measurement and compensation system with multiple right-angle reflectors and a lead zirconate titanate-based compensation stage.
This paper presents a real-time straightness measurement and compensation system with an optical straightness measurement system and a single-axis flexure-hinge type lead zirconate titanateExpand
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Development of the Nano-Measuring Machine stage
In this paper, it was successfully developed a nano- measuring machine stage. It was used the features of a flexible structure to develop the nano-measuring machine stage. This stage includes twoExpand
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New nano-contouring measurement techniques for a nano-stage
Abstract Among the most commonly used contouring measurement methods, no measuring techniques have been available with nanometer resolution except for the grating encoder measurement system. AlthoughExpand
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A Novel Simple and Low Cost 4-DOF Angular Indexing Calibrating Technique for High Precision Rotary Table
This paper establishes a novel, simple and low cost technique to calibrate a 4-degrees-of-freedom errors of a rotary table (three angular motion errors and one displacement error) for a 360° full circle by employing one reference rotARY table, one 1D grating and two 2D position-sensing-detectors. Expand
Development of a flexure hinge-based stack-type five-degrees-of-freedom nanometre-scale stage for a heavy-loading machining process
Abstract The current paper concentrates on the design and manufacturing process of a stack-type nanometre positioning stage with high accuracy and multiple degrees of freedom for a heavy-loadingExpand
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The Application of the Dual-Beam Laser Interferometer for Calibration Precision Machine ToolsAnwendung eines Zweistrahl-Laserinterferometers zur Kalibrierung von Präzisionswerkzeugen
Abstract In this paper, a dual-beam laser interferometer measurement system for precision machine tools was presented. The straightness measurement module and the angular measurement module wereExpand
Development of the precision long-stroke 3-DOF nano-stage for the photonic crystal process
In this paper, it develops a precision long-stroke 3-DOF nano-stage for the nano photonic crystal process. It integrates a linear motor driven long-stroke stage, a piezoelectric drivenExpand