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Objective: To investigate transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) measures as clinical correlates and longitudinal markers of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Methods: We prospectively studied 60 patients with ALS subtypes (sporadic ALS, familial ALS, progressive muscular atrophy, and primary lateral sclerosis) using single pulse TMS, recording from(More)
OBJECTIVE Both cyclosporine and tacrolimus display a narrow therapeutic index as well as high interindividual pharmacokinetic variability. We approached the effect of the CYP3A4*18B and CYP3A5*3 polymorphisms and haplotypes on the whole blood cyclosporine or tacrolimus concentration in Chinese renal transplant patients during the first month after(More)
The ability to predict the response of a cancer patient to a therapeutic agent is a major goal in modern oncology that should ultimately lead to personalized treatment. Existing approaches to predicting drug sensitivity rely primarily on profiling of cancer cell line panels that have been treated with different drugs and selecting genomic or functional(More)
Common chemotherapeutic agents such as oxaliplatin often cause neuropathic pain during cancer treatment in patients. Such neuropathic pain is difficult to treat and responds poorly to common analgesics, which represents a clinical challenge. (+)-Borneol, a bicyclic monoterpene present in the essential oil of plants, is used for analgesia and anesthesia in(More)
A radio-tracked female had home range sizes in spring and summer of 43 ha and 59 ha, respectively. On 26 August 2002, at 3,450 m a. s. 1. a female with 2–3 fully grown juveniles was observed. The chestnut colour of the throat in contrast to the throat ring allows morphological differentiation fromT. szechenyii. Es wird über Verhalten, Habitateigenschaften(More)
The unique spectral properties of semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) enable long-term live-cell imaging and ultrasensitive detection of viral particles, which in turn can potentially provide a practical means for detailed analysis of the underlying molecular mechanisms of virus entry. In this study, we report a general method of labeling adeno-associated(More)
BACKGROUND Due to its high prevalence and associated sight-threatening pathologies, myopia has emerged as a major health issue in East Asia. The purpose was to test the impact on myopia development of a school-based intervention program aimed at increasing the time student spent outdoors. METHODS A total of 3051 students of two primary (grades 1-5, aged(More)
This study assessed the potential antinociceptive effects of liquiritigenin, a plant-derived compound with transient receptor potential melastatin 3 blocking activity in a rat model of persistent neuropathic pain. Chronic constriction injury (CCI) to the sciatic nerve was induced in male Sprague-Dawley rats to model human peripheral neuropathic pain.(More)
The effect of four metal ions Cu(2+), Ni(2+), Zn(2+) and Co(2+) on the interaction between bovine serum albumin (BSA) and berberine chloride (BC) extracted from a traditional Chinese Herb coptis chinensis franch, was investigated mainly by means of UV and fluorescence spectroscopy in this paper. The four metal ions make the quenching efficacy of BC to BSA(More)