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Responses of neurons in early visual cortex change little with training and appear insufficient to account for perceptual learning. Behavioral performance, however, relies on population activity, and the accuracy of a population code is constrained by correlated noise among neurons. We tested whether training changes interneuronal correlations in the dorsal(More)
Many neurons in the dorsal medial superior temporal (MSTd) and ventral intraparietal (VIP) areas of the macaque brain are multisensory, responding to both optic flow and vestibular cues to self-motion. The heading tuning of visual and vestibular responses can be either congruent or opposite, but only congruent cells have been implicated in cue integration(More)
Melanoma is an intractable cancer that is aggressive, lethal, and metastatic. The prognosis of advanced melanoma is very poor because it is insensitive to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The incidence of melanoma has been ascending stably for years worldwide, accompanied by increasing mortality. New approaches to managing this deadly disease are much(More)
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