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Iminoxyl radical-promoted dichotomous cyclizations: efficient oxyoximation and aminooximation of alkenes.
A novel iminoxyl radical-involved metal-free approach to vicinal oxyoximation and aminooximation of unactivated alkenes is developed. This method utilizes the dichotomous reactivity of the iminoxylExpand
Iodine (III)-mediated one-pot synthesis of quinoxaline by tandem nucleophilic substitution and cyclisation
Quinoxaline derivatives are widely used in dyes, electroluminescent materials and organic semiconductors. An economic and convenient strategy for the synthesis of 2-phenyl-quinoxaline is described.Expand
Synthesis of 3-phosphinoylbenzofurans via electrophilic phosphination cyclization
An expedient strategy for the synthesis of 3-phosphinoylbenzofurans through a cascade electrophilic phosphination cyclization has been presented. This sequential process was induced byExpand
Iminoxyl Radical‐Promoted Dichotomous Cyclizations: Efficient Oxyoximation and Aminooximation of Alkenes.
A metal-free oxyoximation of allyloximes using tBuONO as the NO-source is developed to yield a variety of isoxazoline substituted aldoximes and ketoximes.
Regiospecific Synthesis of 3,4‐Dihydrocoumarins via Substrate‐Controlled [1,3]‐ or [3,3]‐Sigmatropic Rearrangement.
Phenyl- and naphthyl-substituted substrates (I) and (III) undergo tandem rearrangement—cyclization under identical conditions.