Yun-Cheng Luo

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Recently, a lot of open source e-learning platforms have been offered for free in the Internet. We thus incorporate the intelligent diagnosis and assessment tool into an open software e-learning platform developed for programming language courses, wherein the proposed learning diagnosis assessment tools based on text mining and machine learning techniques(More)
In this study, an intelligent learning style aware diagnosis agent for computer-supported cooperative learning is proposed. Learners are first assigned to heterogeneous groups based on their learning styles questionnaire given right before the beginning of learning activities on the e-learning platform. The proposed diagnosis agent then scrutinizes each(More)
With rapid advances in the development of information technology, information access has become central to life in the 21st century. In recent years, the development of useful learning-assistance systems has become a popular topic in literature. Learners can benefit from guidance provided by a tool that assists learning when a student has trouble using an(More)
Efficient silylation reactions of propargyl epoxides catalyzed by copper catalysts have been developed. Under mild reaction conditions, tri- and tetra-substituted functionalized allenols and alkenes could be selectively obtained in moderate to high yields via tuning the bases and solvents used in the reactions. This work provides straightforward and(More)
An intrusion detection system (IDS) is a security layer that is used to discover ongoing intrusive attacks and anomalous activities in information systems, which means usually working in a dynamically changing environment. Although increasing attention to IDSs is evident in the literature, network security administrators are still faced with the task of(More)
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