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Expression of leptin receptor gene in developing and adult zebrafish.
Zebrafish leptin receptor message (lepr) was detected in all embryonic and larval stages examined, and in adult zebrafish and results showed that lepr expression was both spatially and temporally regulated. Expand
Fungal diversity notes 929–1035: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions on genera and species of fungi
The present study describes 12 new genera, 74 new species, three new combinations, two reference specimens, a re-circumscription of the epitype, and 15 records of sexual-asexual morph connections, new hosts and new geographical distributions. Expand
Expression of protocadherin-9 and protocadherin-17 in the nervous system of the embryonic zebrafish.
In this study we analyzed expression patterns of two delta-protocadherins, protocadherin-9 and protocadherin-17, in the developing zebrafish using in situ hybridization and RT-PCR methods. BothExpand
miR-137 and miR-491 Negatively Regulate Dopamine Transporter Expression and Function in Neural Cells
MiR-137 and miR-491 regulate DAT expression and dopamine transport at the post-transcriptional level, suggesting that microRNA may be targeted for the treatment of diseases associated with DAT dysfunction. Expand
Intracavernous transplantation of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells restores erectile function of streptozocin-induced diabetic rats.
Intracavernous transplantation of BM-MSCs had beneficial effects on erectile function of diabetic rats and increased the content of endothelium and smooth muscle in corporal cavernosum. Expand
Knockdown of leptin A expression dramatically alters zebrafish development.
It is found that blocking leptin A function had little effect on the development of early brain, but differentiation of both the morphant dorsal brain and retinal cells was severely disrupted in older embryos, suggesting that leptin A plays distinct roles in zebrafish development. Expand
Expression of protocadherin-19 in the nervous system of the embryonic zebrafish.
We have analyzed the expression pattern of protocadherin-19, a member of the delta2-protocadherins, in the nervous system of developing zebrafish using in situ hybridization methods. mRNA encodingExpand
Distinct response of liver myeloid dendritic cells to endotoxin is mediated by IL-27.
It is demonstrated that the threshold of LPS stimulation for liver DC was markedly higher than spleen DC, even though the expression of TLR4 on both DCs was comparable, suggesting that IL-27 produced by liver DC plays a crucial role in induction of T cell hyporesponsiveness. Expand
Measuring patent similarity with SAO semantic analysis
A semantic analysis framework that incorporates the DWSAO index for finding similar patents based on the weight of each SAO structure in the patent is presented, which highlights the detailed meanings derived from the method, the accuracy of the outcomes, and the practical significance of using this approach. Expand
Complete genome sequence of Streptococcus thermophilus MN-BM-A01, a strain with high exopolysaccharides production.
ST MN-BM-A01 could produce a high level of EPS which can confer the yogurt with improved rheological properties and the genomic sequence indicated that this strain included a 35.3-kb gene cluster involved in EPS biosynthesis. Expand