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Grayanoids from the Ericaceae family: structures, biological activities and mechanism of action
Grayanoids, occurring exclusively in Ericaceae plants, are well-known highly toxic components from the genera Rhododendron, Pieris, Leucothoe, Craibiodendron, Lyonia, Kalmia, etc. Grayanoids haveExpand
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Rapid structural determination of new trace cassaine-type diterpenoid amides in fractions from Erythrophleum fordii by liquid chromatography-diode-array detection/electrospray ionization tandem mass
Electrospray ionization multi-stage tandem mass spectrometry (ESI-MSn), and combination with HPLC (HPLC/ESI-MSn), have been extensively applied to on-line analysis of natural products. Hyphenation ofExpand
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Antiviral spirooliganones A and B with unprecedented skeletons from the roots of Illicium oligandrum.
  • S. Ma, R. Gao, +10 authors S. Yu
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Organic letters
  • 12 August 2013
Two novel spirooliganones A (1) and (2), a pair of spiro carbon epimers, with a rare dioxaspiro skeleton were isolated from the roots of Illicium oligandrum. The structures were fully determined byExpand
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Bioactive sesquiterpenoids from the roots of Artabotrys hexapetalus
Abstract Seven pairs of sesquiterpenes (1a/1b–7a/7b), a new peroxy-bridge sesquiterpene (8), and a new peroxy-bridge norsesquiterpene (9), together with five known compounds, were isolated from theExpand
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Phenolic constituents from the roots of Alangium chinense
Abstract Three new phenolics ( 1 – 3 ) and twenty-eight known compounds ( 4 – 31 ) were isolated from an ethanolic extract of roots of Alangium chinense . Compound 11 exhibited antiviral activityExpand
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New sesquiterpenes from the roots of Coriaria nepalensis
Abstract Six new trace sesquiterpenes, corialactones A–D (1–4), coriantone (5), corianol (6), together with nine known ones (7–15), were isolated from the roots of Coriaria nepalensis. The structuresExpand
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Rearranged prenylated C6-C3 compounds and a highly oxygenated seco-prezizaane-type sesquiterpene from the stem bark of Illicium oligandrum.
Three new rearranged prenylated C(6)-C(3) compounds, named illioliganones A, B, and C (1-3), and a new highly oxygenated seco-prezizaane-type sesquiterpene, oligandriortholactone (7), together withExpand
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Antinociceptive Grayanoids from the Roots of Rhododendron molle.
Nine new grayanoids (1-9), together with 11 known compounds, were isolated from the roots of Rhododendron molle. The structures of the new compounds (1-9) were determined on the basis ofExpand
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Lycojaponicumins D and E: two new alkaloids from Lycopodium japonicum.
Two new alkaloids, lycojaponicumins D (1) and E (2), were isolated from the club moss Lycopodium japonicum. Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic methods, calculated ECD, CD experimentsExpand
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Cytotoxic cardenolides from the stems of Periploca forrestii
Six new cardenolides, periforosides D-E (1-2), periforgenin C (3) and periforosides F-H (4-6), as well as 10 previously identified cardenolides (7-16) were isolated from the ethanol extract of theExpand
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