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BACKGROUND Midkine (MK), a member of the heparin-binding growth factor family, which includes MK and pleiotrophin, is known to possess neurotrophic and neuroprotective properties in the central nervous system. Previous studies have shown that MK is an effective neuroprotective agent in reducing retinal degeneration caused by excessive light and decreasing(More)
advancement of computer technologies enables us to answer to " How to " questions as well. An efficient " Simulation Gptimization " technique is developed to solve system design problems which can not be expressed in explicit analytical or mathematical models. In particular, we explore a new paradigm called the " Reverse-Simulation optimization method'(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinicopathologic characteristics of colon cancers detected at the SOK Sokpeynhan Internal Medical Network, a nationwide system of primary health care institutions. METHODS We analyzed 579 colon cancer patients diagnosed using colonoscopy at the SOK network from January 2011 through December(More)
BACKGROUNDS In the present study, we aimed to examine the anti-aging properties of human placental hydrolysate (HPE) and dieckol (DE) from Ecklonia cava against free radical scavenging, muscle hypertrophy-related follistatin mRNA expression, amelioration of cognition-related genes and proteins, inhibition of collagenase-regulating genes, and elastinase(More)
Though it is an era of technological advancement and autonomy, due to increase in population and the use of electrical equipment and electronic gadgets rising parallel yields problem of high energy consumption and demand. To meet this increasing energy demand several approaches have been developed. One approach to meet energy demand is to control energy(More)
Diversified and complicated manufacturing sites make optimal scheduling of production lines difficult. Under current manufacturing processes, it is almost impossible for schedulers to consider all the constraints of production processes. A strategy of simulation-based advanced planning and scheduling (APS) is employed to overcome difficulties that interfere(More)