Yun-An Chang

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This paper explains how an attacker can efficiently factor 184 distinct RSA keys out of more than two million 1024-bit RSA keys downloaded from Taiwan’s national “Citizen Digital Certificate” database. These keys were generated by government-issued smart cards that have built-in hardware random-number generators and that are advertised as having passed FIPS(More)
Bilinear pairings on elliptic curves have many applications in cryptography and cryptanalysis. Pairing computation is more complicated compared to that of other popular public-key cryptosystems. Efficient implementation of cryptographic pairing, both softwareand hardware-based approaches, has thus received increasing interest. In this paper, we focus on(More)
The "the internet of things" will require security in fracture on small devices. This task is made more difficult as large quantum computers may appear soon and break currently standard PKCs (public-key cryptosystems). In anticipation, PKCs which can survive quantum computing ("post quantum cryptosystems", or PQCs) are actively being studied. However,(More)
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