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Trajectory tracking of the mobile robot is one research hot for the robot. For the control system of the two-wheeled differential drive mobile robot being in nonhonolomic system and the complex relations among the control parameters, it is difficult to solve the problem based on traditional mathematics model. A new control scheme combined with the fuzzy PD(More)
Global path planning for mobile robot using genetic algorithm and simulated annealing algorithm is investigated in this paper. In view of the slow convergence speed of the conventional simulated annealing algorithm, a modified simulated annealing algorithm is presented, and a hybrid algorithm based on the modified simulated annealing algorithm and genetic(More)
Aiming at the problems of traditional ZigBee tree routing algorithm that node energy consumption is larger and faster because of heavy transmissions, an improved ZigBee tree routing algorithm based on energy awareness and energy balance was proposed. The neighbor table and energy balance strategy were introduced to make sure that the routing was locally(More)
This paper describes an indoor cleaning robot coverage path to avoid obstacle based on behavior fuzzy controller under dynamic environment. The robot measures the distance between the robot and obstacle with ultrasonic sensors and infrared range sensors. The behavior architecture has three levels behaviors: emergency behavior, obstacle avoidance behavior,(More)
Though hypoxia has been implicated as a cause of inflammation, the underlying mechanism is not well understood. Folic acid has been shown to provide protection against oxidative stress and inflammation in patients with cardiovascular disease and various models approximating insult to tissue via inflammation. It has been reported that hypoxia-induced(More)
This paper addresses the camera identification based on very low bit rate videos with time varying overall noise pattern statistics. First, the overall noise pattern of each frame of the videos is resized to a column vector. It is found that the elements of the resized vectors approximately follow the Laplace distribution. Hence, the second, the fourth and(More)
The linear PN junction temperature sensor was used to collect the oil pool temperature of the hydraulic synthetic test-bed, and a temperature collecting system was designed with multi-sensor data fusion. The temperature detection circuit was given. And the temperature measurements were estimated by the least square weighted fusion estimation algorithm(More)
In the past decades, the main focus of optimization studies including multi-objective optimization was placed on finding the global optimum or Pareto-optimal solutions. However, in practical engineering, users may not always be interested in finding the so-called global best solutions, particularly when these Pareto-optimal solutions are quite sensitive to(More)
Enterprise consulting and evaluation of the data mining method used If enterprises under certain characteristics period of choice, the effect will be greater improvement. For example, can find high-tech enterprises phases of the life cycle of the key factors are: technic, financing, management, market. And data of various stages and the key factors is(More)