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The end functionalization of CNTs can introduce oxygen-containing negatively functional groups such as -COOH, -OH, or -CO on their surface site. If cationic surfactant such as cetyltrimethylammonium chloride (CTAC) was added to the functionalized CNTs, then interactions such as hydrophobic and ionic may lead to formation of hemimicelle/admicelle aggregates(More)
This study evaluates the effect of hydraulic loading rate (HLR), aspect ratio, granular medium size and water depth on the removal of selected contaminants during the start up of horizontal subsurface flow reed beds (HFRBs). Experiments were carried out in a pilot-scale HFRB system comprising four pairs of lined beds of almost equal surface area (54-56 m(2)(More)
This article presents a new enzyme-mimic activity of non-noble metal-based bimetallic Fe-Co NPs. This type of enzyme-mimic exhibits much higher affinity to H2O2 over other NPs-based peroxidase mimetics by at least one order of magnitude due to the synergistic effects between the two metals.
The potential use of cigarette filters (CFs) as solid-phase extraction (SPE) adsorbents for the preconcentration of six fluoroquinolones (FQs) antibacterial agents prior to liquid chromatography was examined in this paper. In order to find a suitable procedure for extraction of the target FQs in one single step, various parameters probably affecting the(More)
Prussian-blue (PB)-modified γ-Fe(2)O(3) magnetic nanoparticles (PBMNPs) were successfully synthesized based on electric interactions between negatively charged [Fe(CN)(6)](4-) and positively charged γ-Fe(2)O(3) nanoparticles. The in situ PB coating was generated by the coordinating reaction between the adsorbed [Fe(CN)(6)](4-) and the ferric ions on the(More)
It was found that light emission produced by the oxidation of luminol by potassium ferricyanide in basic medium was enhanced by synephrine, an anti-obesity drug. The optimum conditions for this chemiluminescent reaction were studied in detail in a flow injection system and employed in a new, simple and rapid method for the determination of synephrine. A(More)
A new chemiluminescence (CL) method is described for the determination of synephrine. It is based on the reaction between synephrine and Ce(IV) in a nitric acid medium and measurement of the CL intensity produced by rhodamine B used as a luminophore, similar to luminol or lucigenin in basic media, instead of as a sensitizer. In the optimum conditions, the(More)
The magnetic multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MMWCNTs) have been successfully prepared using a one-pot chemical coprecipitation method, in which magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) were deposited onto multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) by in situ high temperature decomposition of the magnetic precursor of iron(III) in ethylene glycol media. A novel procedure for(More)
In this paper, the potential use of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) as solid phase extraction (SPE) adsorbent was evaluated for preconcentration of linear alkylbenzene sulfonates (LAS) using ion-pair (IP)-SPE with tetrabutylammonium hydroxide (TBAH). The LAS homologues present in the aqueous sample were ion-paired with TBAH and the solution was passed(More)