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Special zone in multi-layer and multi-pass welded metal and its role in the creep behavior of 9Cr1Mo welded joint
Abstract The creep properties of 9Cr 1Mo welded joint are determined by special zone (SZ) in equiaxed grain zone of welded metal (WM) suffered from multiple thermal cycles during multi-layer andExpand
Investigation on creep behavior of welded joint of advanced 9%Cr steels
The creep behavior of advanced 9%Cr-1 (BM1) and advanced 9%Cr-2 (BM2) dissimilar welded joints was investigated in this paper, and also the microstructures were elaborately characterized. Based onExpand
Evolution of carbides and its characterization in HAZ during NG-TIG welding of Alloy 617B
Abstract The carbides evolution affected by heating will have great effect on the mechanical property of welded components. The paper focused on the microstructure characterization and carbidesExpand
Impact Index Method for Railway Catenary Short-Wave Irregularity Evaluation
A new Catenary Impact Index (CII) for evaluating catenary short-wave diseases, such as the bad hanger ear, the wire with hard bend, the curved hanger and so on, is proposed by use of the pantographExpand
Pantograph Vibration Interference Signal Recognition Based on SVM Classification
The results show that such an identification structure has fast computing and high accuracy in judging whether the deviation is transient electromagnetic interference and applying method to analyze the measured data of catenary inspection vehicles demonstrates its effectiveness. Expand
A study on the seismic behaviour of 52-storey steel frame building
Comparison of recorded structural earthquake response and theoretical dynamic analysis is vital to the study of earthquake engineering nowadays. This comparison could be either in the frequencyExpand
Deep Soil Mixing Column Supported At-Grade Track Slab and Single-Span Bridge Transit Structures
Abstract The Evergreen Line rapid transit project (ELRTP) is located in the lower mainland of British Columbia, a region that is prone to earthquakes. The transit line travels along a dedicatedExpand