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An aggregate signature scheme allows anyone to compress multiple individual signatures from various users into a single compact signature. The main objective of such a scheme is to reduce the costs on storage, communication and computation. However, among existing aggregate signature schemes in the identity-based setting, some of them fail to achieve(More)
PURPOSE To find the effect of lumbrokinase (LK) on P-selectin and E-selectin in ischemic rats. METHODS Male healthy Spragur-Dawley rats weighing 180-220 g (n = 90) were divided into 4 groups: (1) normal control group (n = 5), (2) sham-operated group (n = 35), (3) ischemic group (n = 35), (4) LK group (n = 15). LK 10 mg/kg (2000 UK activity of LK) was(More)
In 2005, for reducing Yi et al.’s proxy multi-signature schemes in terms of computational complexity and communication cost, Hsu, Wu and He proposed new proxy multi-signature schemes. Unfortunately, with this paper, we will show that their schemes are insecure, because any malicious attacker can alone forge valid proxy multi-signatures for any message to(More)
The US Army Engineer Research and Development Center researches, develops, supports, and maintains many discipline-specific numerical models. Because of the increasing domain size and resolution needs of the modeling applications, it is no longer feasible to execute the pre- and post-processing of the models, such as mesh generation, boundary condition(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the molecular pathogenesis of Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON) in Chinese families. DESIGN Six Han Chinese families who seem to have maternally transmitted LHON were studied by clinical, genetic, and molecular evaluations. PARTICIPANTS One hundred twenty-seven subjects from 6 Chinese families with a wide range of(More)
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