Yumiko Uchida

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We have various interesting time series data in our daily life, such as weather data and stock prices. Visu-alization is important means to analyze time series data, and there have been many works on visualization of time series data in recent days. This paper presents a technique for visualization and interactive level-of-detail control of large number of(More)
We have various interesting time-varying data in our daily life, such as weather data (e.g., temperature and air pressure) and stock prices. Such time-varying data is often associated with other information: for example, temperatures can be associated with weather, and stock prices can be associated with social or economic incidents. Meanwhile , we often(More)
The human pathogen Legionella pneumophila delivers a large array of the effector proteins into host cells using the Dot/Icm type IVB secretion system. Among the proteins composing the Dot/Icm system, an inner membrane protein DotI is known to be crucial for the secretion function but its structure and role in type IV secretion had not been elucidated. We(More)
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