Yumiko Shimizu

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Both embodied and symbolic accounts of conceptual organization would predict partial sharing and partial differentiation between the neural activations seen for concepts activated via different stimulus modalities. But cross-participant and cross-session variability in BOLD activity patterns makes analyses of such patterns with MVPA methods challenging.(More)
BACKGROUND Investigation of frailty among elderly adults and development of prevention strategies to address this are critical in delaying progression of functional decline and thus extending healthy life expectancy. However, there has been no Japanese epidemiologic cohort study of frailty. The Hatoyama Cohort Study was launched in 2010 to identify factors(More)
STUDY PURPOSE Whether or not socioeconomic status (SES)-related differences in the health of hemodialysis patients differ by age, period, and birth cohort remains unclear. We examined whether SES-related gaps in physical and mental health change with age, period, and birth cohort for hemodialysis patients. METHODS Data were obtained from repeated(More)
Genetic analyses have contributed to improvements of economically important traits derived from adipose tissue such as fatty acid composition in beef. Elongation of very long chain fatty acids (ELOVL) genes encode for the enzymes that play an important role in elongation of long-chain fatty acids. In this study, we aimed to discover genetic polymorphisms of(More)
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