Yumiko O. Kato

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In this study, we propose a method for estimating fixation distance on the basis of measurements of vergence eye movements. The aim of this approach is to control the lens focus of automatic focusing glasses. To reduce user effort at the time of calibration, the calibration was performed at infinite distance gazing, and the parameters were determined from(More)
Determining the loudest sound level that a person can comfortably tolerate (uncomfortable loudness level: UCL) imposes a strain on people suffering from hearing loss. In the present study, we propose a method of estimating UCL based on auditory evoked potentials (AEPs). Adults with normal hearing (18 men aged 25-56 years) participated in the study. Three(More)
OBJECTIVE We examined the influence of head-tilting on stabilometry, which is similar to positional nystagmus in a sitting position. METHODS The subjects were 35 healthy individuals and 11 patients with unilateral vestibular disorder. We compared parameters measured in an upright position and those with left head-tilt or right head-tilt. We used(More)
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