Yumihiko Endo

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Caspase-3 (CASP3) cleaves many proteins including protein kinases (PKs). Understanding the relationship(s) between CASP3 and its PK substrates is necessary to delineate the apoptosis signaling cascades that are controlled by CASP3 activity. We report herein the characterization of a CASP3-substrate kinome using a simple cell-free system to synthesize a(More)
The tRNA 3'-processing endoribonuclease (tRNase Z or 3' tRNase; EC is an essential enzyme that removes the 3' trailer from pre-tRNA. The long form (tRNase ZL) can cleave a target RNA in vitro at the site directed by an appropriate small-guide RNA (sgRNA). Here, we investigated whether this sgRNA/tRNase ZL strategy could be applied to gene therapy(More)
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