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We evaluated the best route of administration of TNP-470, an angiogenesis inhibitor, by comparing the anti-tumour effects and toxicity following injection via the hepatic artery, the portal vein, or the jugular vein in a rabbit model of liver metastases. Following the injections of 1 x 10(6) VX2 carcinoma cells into the portal vein of rabbits, 50 mg of(More)
The ability of the angiogenesis inhibitor TNP-470 to prevent liver metastasis after partial hepatectomy, and whether TNP-470 impairs liver regeneration or skin wound healing, was evaluated. Following the injection of VX2 carcinoma cells into the portal vein of rabbits, half of the animals underwent resection of the middle hepatic lobe (hepatectomized group)(More)
The leakage of pancreatic juice is the most serious complication after pancreatoduodenectomy. In an attempt to lessen the incidence of this complication, we have developed a simple technique for the anastomosis of pancreatogastrostomy. Since March 14, 1995, we have already performed surgical procedures on 8 cases of pancreatogastrostomy using this technique(More)
Ninety-eight patients with advanced gastric cancers underwent gastrectomy from Jan. 1989 to Dec. 1991. For these patients, preoperative intra-arterial injection therapy using EAP-II (etoposide 100 mg, epirubicin 20 mg, carboplatin 100 mg) was given to 24 patients. In this report, the recurrence and survival rate of these patients were investigated. After(More)
We investigated the effects of an angiogenesis inhibitor, TNP-470, in suppressing the recurrence in the liver remnant after partial hepatectomy for VX2 liver metastases model of rabbits. After inoculation of 1 x 10(6) VX2 tumor cells via the portal vein, the medial lobe of the liver was resected. Then, TNP-470 (7 mg/body/day) was infused (Group 1), or(More)
We examined the prevention of liver metastases by arterial infusion of the angiogenesis inhibitor, TNP-470, in Japanese White Rabbits; 1.0 x 10(6) of VX2 carcinoma cells were injected into the mesenteric vein for tumor inoculation. Then the rabbits were divided into the following two groups. Group 1: 2 ml of distilled water was continuously injected into(More)
The aerospace domain is known for its emphasis on product quality, since hardware or software failures may have potentially catastrophic consequences. Therefore, numerous standards govern space software development. In this paper, we present an approach for systematically establishing and maintaining traceability between software development standards. It(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the cytocompatibility of two different types of root canal sealers in cell culture. Human periodontal ligament cells were cultured with set materials from an experimental glass-ionomer cement sealer (KT-308) and a commercially available zinc oxide-eugenol-based sealer (Canals) for 1, 3, and 7 days. Cytotoxic effects(More)
Aligning the activities of an organization with its business goals is a challenging task that is critical for success. Alignment in a multi-organizational setting requires the integration of different internal or external organizational units. The anticipated benefits of multi-organizational alignment consist of clarified contributions and increased(More)
In January 2011, a new standard ISO/IEC 29110 was published. To evaluate effectiveness of the assessment using ISO/IEC 29110, we have performed a series of lightweight assessment. The lightweight assessment method taken in this trial was using the task checklist based on ISO/IEC 29110-5 with the customized procedures based on ISO/IEC 15504-2. Through the(More)