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In this letter, we consider a decentralized detection problem in which a number of sensor nodes collaborate to detect the presence of an unknown deterministic signal. Due to stringent power/bandwidth constraints, each sensor quantizes its local observation into one bit of information. The binary data are then sent to the fusion center (FC), where a(More)
As one of the most important soil nutrient components, soil total nitrogen (TN) content needs to be measured in precision agriculture. A portable soil TN detector based on the 89S52 microcontroller was developed, and a Back Propagation Neural Network (BP-NN) estimation model embedded in the detector was established using near-infrared reflectance(More)
Nonvolatile processor has become an emerging topic in recent years due to its zero standby power, resilience to power failures and instant on feature. This paper first demonstrated a fabricated nonvolatile 8051-compatible processor design, which indicates the ferroelectric nonvolatile version leads to over 90% area overhead compared with the volatile(More)
Studies of rice protein expression have increased considerably with the development of rice functional genomics. In order to obtain reliable expression results in western blotting, information on appropriate reference proteins is necessary for data normalization. To date, no published study has identified and systematically validated reference proteins(More)
Pathogenesis-related (PR) proteins play an important role in the disease resistance response. To better understand the function of rice PR proteins, we examined the expressions of ten PR proteins in rice leaves at different developmental stages with or without the interaction between rice and Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo). The results showed that most(More)
Several cell-based therapies for peripheral arterial disease (PAD) have been studied in multiple clinical trials; however, the outcome of this treatment remains controversial. The aim of this study was to perform a meta-analysis of the clinical trials on stem cell-based therapy after PAD. We searched for clinical trials that investigated the effect of stem(More)
Facile electron-beam lithography technique for irregular and fragile substrates", complementary graphene field effect transistors and junctions via near-field electrospinning", Small, 2014 (I.F. Zettl and William Mickelson, "Catalytic hydrogen sensing using microheated platinum nanoparticle-loaded graphene aerogel",A new near infrared-mechano responsive(More)
Meiotic recombination presents an uneven distribution across the genome. Genomic regions that exhibit at relatively high frequencies of recombination are called hotspots, whereas those with relatively low frequencies of recombination are called coldspots. Therefore, hotspots and coldspots would provide useful information for the study of the mechanism of(More)
Recombination presents a nonuniform distribution across the genome. Genomic regions that present relatively higher frequencies of recombination are called hotspots while those with relatively lower frequencies of recombination are recombination coldspots. Therefore, the identification of hotspots/coldspots could provide useful information for the study of(More)