Yumei Han

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The use of threatened animals as a source of traditional medicines is accelerating the extinction of such species and imposes great challenges to animal conservation. In this study, we propose a feasible strategy for the conservation of threatened medicinal animals that combines trade monitoring and the search for substitutes. First, DNA barcoding provides(More)
To identify major active constituents and measure their levels in a typical medicinal herb-Rhizoma coptidis, we applied the concept of removing and adding, taking inspiration from functional genetic methods. As this herb has bacteriostatic properties and is used to treat bacterial diarrhea, we examined the effects of individual constituents (berberine,(More)
It is a preventive strategy that to develop the continue education of migrant workers and to replace number with quality, which will truly avoid labor shortages and improve the quality of workers. To provide adequately continuous education to Cenozoic migrant workers will reduce the turnover rate of their work. But in the process of continuous education for(More)
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