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Clients of female sex workers (CFSWs) are a bridge population for the spread of HIV and syphilis to low or average risk heterosexuals. Most studies have examined the point prevalence of these infections in CFSWs. Limited evidence suggests that older age CFSWs are at a higher risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases compared with younger clients.(More)
We consider selected geometric properties of 2D or 3D sets, given in form of binary digital pictures, and discuss their estimation. The properties examined are perimeter and area in 2D, and surface area and volume in 3D. We evaluate common estimators in stereology and digital geometry according to their multiprobe or multigrid convergence properties, and(More)
Chronic manganese exposure can produce cognitive deficits; however, the underlying mechanism remains unclear; reliable peripheral biomarker of Mn neurotoxicity have not yet been fully developed. Hence, this study aimed to investigate the mechanism of Mn-induced cognitive deficits and the potential biomarker of Mn neurotoxicity in rats. Thirty-two male(More)
Levels of methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE) in occupational air, ambient air, and drinking water in Nanning, South China, were investigated, and then their potential health risks to occupational workers and the general public were evaluated. Results show that the MTBE concentration in occupational air from 13 service stations was significantly higher than(More)
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