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It has been demonstrated that hypokinesia diminished muscular activity induces changes in several biochemical total body parameters, including those of potassium, hemoglobin and bromine spaces. Therefore the objective of this study was to evaluate the composition of the body in 5 essentially healthy men, aged 19-23 years, after a 60 days exposure to(More)
We report a case of multiple pulmonary metastases occurring 15 years after an ovarian granulosa cell tumor was initially diagnosed. A 62-year-old woman undergoing left salpingo-oophorectomy for a granulosa cell tumor of the left ovary 15 years earlier presented with abnormal chest shadows. Computed tomography of the chest confirmed the presence of 3(More)
Among 46 noncontrast magnetic resonance studies on patients with cerebral infarction, 11 showed areas of high signal intensity of the involved brain on T1-weighted images. These areas were more frequent in cerebral or cerebellar cortical lesions. Lacunar infarcts in lenticular nuclei, internal capsules, corona radiata, or brain stem did not show any high(More)
To clarify the results of treatment of secondary empyema following lung resection complicated with internal fistula, 81 cases treated at 31 different institutions during the 5 years period from 1983 to 1987 were analysed. 1) All cases of thoracic empyema treated surgically and secondary empyema following lung resection complicated with internal fistula did(More)
In 18 cases undergone reoperation because of perforation after the initial operation for primary and secondary chronic empyema during the period from 1974 through August 1986, we evaluated findings of fistula, procedures and causes of failure of the initial operation, and procedures and results of reoperation. Subjects consisted of 16 cases of chronic(More)
It is very difficult to cure a chronic pyothorax with MRSA infection. We experienced one such case with low pulmonary function (VC 1700 ml, %VC 50.7%), 73 years old man, who had a history of esophageal cancer and was operated two years ago. As the control of bacteria and the surgical intervention are both important in the treatment of pyothorax cases, we(More)
We hereby report a rare case of a mature type teratoma that perforated the lung and combined with aspergilloma in the tumor cyst. The patient was a 48-year-old female, who complained of coughing and sputum. The chest roentogenography and chest CT suggested aspergilloma. The patient was operated upon. From the intraoperative and pathological findings, a(More)