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Syntheses of aromatic substituted hydrazino-thiazole derivatives to clarify structural characterization and antioxidant activity between 3-arylsydnonyl and aryl substituted hydrazino-thiazoles.
Results of this study demonstrate that not only the thiazole ring and the aryl ring has the contribution to the antioxidant activities, the sydnone ring of 3-arylsydnonyl moiety also has its considerable contribution.
Efficient Syntheses of 3-(3-Arylsydnon-4-yl)triazole Derivatives
3-Arylsydnone-4-carbohydrcximic acid chlorides 1 were reacted with hydrazine hydrate to give hydrazino(3-arylsydnon-4-yl)methanone oximes 2 which are good precursors of 4-triazolyl sydnones.