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Cloud computing has changed how services are provided and supported through the computing infrastructure. However, recent work [11] reveals that virtual machine (VM) colocation based side-channel attack can leak users' privacy. Techniques have been developed against side-channel attacks. Some of them like NoHype remove the hypervisor layer, which suggests(More)
Staphylococcus aureus belongs to one of the most common bacteria causing healthcare and community associated infections in China, but their molecular characterization has not been well studied. From May 2011 to June 2012, a total of 322 non-duplicate S. aureus isolates were consecutively collected from seven tertiary care hospitals in seven cities with(More)
To determine whether myo-inositol supplement will increase the action of endogenous insulin, which is mainly measured by markers of insulin resistance such as homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance.PubMed, Cochrane Library, Embase, and web of science were comprehensively searched using "gestational diabetes mellitus" and "myo-inositol" to(More)
BACKGROUND Systematic reviews (SRs) of TCM have become increasingly popular in China and have been published in large numbers. This review provides the first examination of epidemiological characteristics of these SRs as well as compliance with the PRISMA and AMSTAR guidelines. OBJECTIVES To examine epidemiological and reporting characteristics as well as(More)
Android multitasking provides rich features to enhance user experience and offers great flexibility for app developers to promote app personalization. However, the security implication of Android multitasking remains under-investigated. With a systematic study of the complex tasks dynamics, we find design flaws of Android multitasking which make all recent(More)
In cloud computing, the security of the infrastructure is determined by the hypervisor (or Virtual Machine Monitor, VMM) design. Unfortunately, in recent years, many attacks have been developed to compromise the hypervisor, taking over all virtual machines running above the hypervisor. Due to the functions a hypervisor provides, it is very hard to reduce(More)
Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular in computing infrastructure and it also introduces new security problems. For example, a physical server shared by many virtual machines can be taken over by an attacker if the virtual machine monitor is compromised through one of the virtual machines. Thus, collocating with vulnerable virtual machines, or "(More)
BACKGROUND Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) estimates vascular permeability of brain tumors, and susceptibility-weighted imaging (SWI) may demonstrate tumor vascularity by intratumoral susceptibility signals (ITSS). This study assessed volume transfer constant (Ktrans) accuracy, the volume of extravascular extracellular space (EES) per unit volume of(More)
Virtualization has made cloud computing a popular trend by virtue of its elastic " data anywhere " and " computing anywhere ". However, traditional virtualization architectures usually have three drawbacks: 1) being vulnerable to many known attacks targeting at the large software stacks; 2) endowing too much power to cloud providers, who can fully control(More)