Yulong Fu

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Vision requires the generation of cone and rod photoreceptors that function in daylight and dim light, respectively. The neural retina leucine zipper factor (NRL) transcription factor critically controls photoreceptor fates as it stimulates rod differentiation and suppresses cone differentiation. However, the controls over NRL induction that balance rod and(More)
Amacrine and horizontal interneurons integrate visual information as it is relayed through the retina from the photoreceptors to the ganglion cells. The early steps that generate these interneuron networks remain unclear. Here we show that a distinct retinoid-related orphan nuclear receptor β1 (RORβ1) isoform encoded by the retinoid-related orphan nuclear(More)
The transition system is widely used to model and to analyze the properties of protocol implementations. It presents the systems with reachable finite state graphes and can be used to calculate the possible transitions traces to verify the correctness of the protocol implementation. But this method is hard to be used to verify the security of authentication(More)
A method of network intrusion detection is proposed based on Bayesian topic models. The method employs tcpdump packets and extracts multiple features from the packet headers. A topic model is trained using the normal traffic in order to learn feature patterns of the normal traffic. Then the test traffic is analyzed against the learned normal feature(More)