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There is an urgent demand in studying efficient methodologies to enable hybrid multi- and many-core accelerations in global climate simulations. The Model for Prediction Across Scales (MPAS) is a family of earth-system component models that receives increasingly more attention. Like many other models, MPAS, though features some emerging numerical(More)
Stencil computation arises from a broad set of scientific and engineering applications and often plays a critical role in the performance of extreme-scale simulations. Due to the memory bound nature, it is a challenging task to opti- mize stencil computation kernels on modern supercomputers with relatively high computing throughput whilst relatively low(More)
The matrix-matrix multiplication is an essential building block that can be found in various scientific and engineering applications. High-performance implementations of the matrix-matrix multiplication on state-of-the-art processors may be of great importance for both the vendors and the users. In this paper, we present a detailed methodology of(More)
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