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Using SAT solvers as inference engines in answer set programming systems showed to be a promising approach in building efficient systems. Nowadays SAT based answer set programming systems successfully work with nondis-junctive programs. This paper proposes a way to use SAT solvers for finding answer sets for disjunctive logic programs. We implement two(More)
Answer Set Programming (ASP) emerged in the late 1990s as a new logic programming paradigm which has been successfully applied in various application domains. Also motivated by the availability of efficient solvers for propo-sitional satisfiability (SAT), various reductions from logic programs to SAT were introduced in the past. All these reductions either(More)
Constraint answer set programming is a promising research direction that integrates answer set programming with constraint processing. Recently, the formal link between this research area and satisfiability modulo theories (or SMT) was established. This link allows the cross-fertilization between traditionally different solving technologies. The paper(More)