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This paper presents the status of land-surface temperature (LST) standard products retrieved from Earth Observing System (EOS) Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) data. Based on estimates of the channel-dependence error and noise equivalent temperature difference (NEDT) and the calibration accuracy of MODIS thermal – infrared data, the(More)
This paper presents the outer-round only pipelined architecture for a FPGA implementation of the AES-128 encryption processor. The proposed design uses the Block RAM storing the S-box values and exploits two kinds of Block RAM. By combining the operations in a single round, we can reduce the critical delay. Therefore, our design can achieve a throughput of(More)
We consider a single-machine scheduling problem with periodic maintenance activities. Although the scheduling problem with maintenance has attracted researchers' attention, most of past studies considered only one maintenance period. In this research several maintenance periods are considered where each maintenance activity is scheduled after a periodic(More)
The conventional two-dimensional (2-D) entropic thresholding is time consuming due to the exhaustive search in 2-D space. An improved 2-D entropic thresholding method based on ant colony genetic algorithm is proposed. This method extends ant colony genetic algorithm to 2-D discrete space optimization and includes the conventional 2-D entropic thresholding(More)
When collecting image from imaging system, the image we collect are blur and the information missed because of the collecting processes. The algorithm based on wavelet analysis which we have introduced does not need any transcendental information of the image, and does not depend on the image size to estimate the de-nosing limits, and even does not need the(More)
For computing square roots of a nonsingular matrix A, which are functions of A, two well known fast and stable algorithms, which are based on the Schur decomposition of A, were proposed by Björk and Ham-marling [3], for square roots of general complex matrices, and by Higham [10], for real square roots of real matrices. In this paper we further consider(More)
With the proliferation of multimedia group applications, multicast is becoming increasingly important. We propose a core selection algorithm to the core selection problem in Core-based multicast routing with QOS requirements.we select the smaller set of cores from the set of candidate cores such that the number of group members with satisfied end-to-end QoS(More)