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While bacteria have been primarily studied for phosphorus (P) removal in wastewater treatment, fungi and their ability to accumulate intracellular polyphosphate are less investigated. P-accumulating fungal strains were screened from soybean plants and surrounding soil by flask cultivation with potato dextrose broth and KH2PO4 in this study. Mucor(More)
The syntheses of four D-myo-inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (InsP(3)) derivatives, incorporating phosphate bioisosteres at the 5-position, are reported. The methyl phosphate ester and sulfate derivatives retain InsP(3) receptor (InsP(3)R) agonist activity; the compounds that possess a methylphosphonate or a carboxymethyl moiety are InsP(3)R antagonists.
The introduction of food wastes into anaerobic digestion (AD) brings a promising scenario of increasing feedstock availability and overall energy production from AD. This study evaluated the biodegradability and methane potential from co-digestion of two typical food wastes, kitchen waste and chicken fat, with dairy manure. For single substrate, the(More)
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