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HYPOTHESIS Cucurbitacin D and goyazensolide, 2 plant-derived natural compounds, possess potent growth-inhibitory activity in schwannoma and meningioma cells. BACKGROUND Currently, no FDA-approved drugs are available for neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2)-associated schwannomas and meningiomas. Selected natural compounds with antineoplastic activity, such as(More)
Natural products are a major source for cancer drug development. NK cells are a critical component of innate immunity with the capacity to destroy cancer cells, cancer-initiating cells, and clear viral infections. However, few reports describe a natural product that stimulates NK cell IFN-γ production and unravel a mechanism of action. In this study,(More)
Two new (1 and 2) and four known arylnaphthalene lignan lactones (3-6) were isolated from different plant parts of Phyllanthus poilanei collected in Vietnam, with two further known analogues (7 and 8) being prepared from phyllanthusmin C (4). The structures of the new compounds were determined by interpretation of their spectroscopic data and by chemical(More)
Higher plants continue to afford humankind with many new drugs, for a variety of disease types. In this review, recent phytochemical and biological progress is presented for part of a collaborative multi-institutional project directed towards the discovery of new antitumor agents. The specific focus is on bioactive natural products isolated and(More)
Penta-O-galloyl-d-glucose (PGG) is a simple hydrolysable tannin in plants. PGG exists in two anomeric forms, α-PGG and β-PGG. While β-PGG can be found in a wide variety of plants, α-PGG is rather rare in nature. Numerous studies with β-PGG revealed a wide variety of biological activities, such as anti-microbial and anti-cancer functions. Until recently,(More)
BACKGROUND Physalis virginiana (Virginia Groundcherry) is a member of the family Solenaceae. Several species of the Physalis genus have been used traditionally by American Indians as medicinal treatments. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study investigated the antibacterial activity of chemicals extracted from P. virginiana through antibacterial disc and(More)
BACKGROUND The eukaryotic initiation factor 4F (eIF4F) complex plays a pivotal role in protein translation initiation; however, its importance in malignant and benign Schwann cell tumors has not been explored, and whether blocking eIF4F function is effective for treating these tumors is not known. METHODS Immunostaining was performed on human malignant(More)
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