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This paper is concerned with the infinite horizon linear quadratic (LQ) optimal control for discrete-time stochastic systems with both state and control-dependent noise. Under assumptions of stabilization and exact observability, it is shown that the optimal control law and optimal value exist, and the properties of the associated discrete algebraic Riccati(More)
With appropriate geometry configurations, bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) can break through the limitations of monostatic SAR on forward-looking imaging. With such a capability, bistatic forward-looking SAR (BFSAR) has extensive potential applications. In this paper, based on the resolution calculation using gradient theory, we give a general rule(More)
For high quality synthetic aperture radar (SAR) processing, Doppler parameter estimation is an essential procedure. In this paper, the azimuth data of bistatic forward-looking SAR are modeled as cubic polynomial phase signals, and the CPF-Radon transform is used to estimate the high order Doppler parameter. Simulation results validate the effectiveness of(More)