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This paper is concerned with the infinite horizon linear quadratic (LQ) optimal control for discrete-time stochastic systems with both state and control-dependent noise. Under assumptions of stabilization and exact observability, it is shown that the optimal control law and optimal value exist, and the properties of the associated discrete algebraic Riccati(More)
By controlling the interaction between cationic surfactant micelles and ammonium metatungstate during the formation of mesoporous silica structure, highly dispersed tungsten carbide (WC) nanoparticles of 2.0 nm in diameter on mesoporous silica nanospheres were synthesized at lower concentration of ammonium metatungstate. With additional ammonium(More)
CD133 has been identified as a potential cancer stem cell (CSC) marker in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). However, the clinical and prognostic significance of CD133 in NSCLC remains controversial. In this study, a meta-analysis with a total number of 13 studies was performed to clarify the association between CD133 expression and clinical outcomes in(More)
BACKGROUND Human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lines derived from poor quality embryos usually have either normal or abnormal karyotypes. However, it is still unclear whether their biological characteristics are similar. METHODS Seven new hESC lines were established using discarded embryos. Five cell lines had normal karyotype, one was with an unbalanced(More)
With appropriate geometry configurations, bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) can break through the limitations of monostatic SAR on forward-looking imaging. With such a capability, bistatic forward-looking SAR (BFSAR) has extensive potential applications. In this paper, based on the resolution calculation using gradient theory, we give a general rule(More)