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Derrick neuFelD is an associate Professor of Information Systems at the richard Ivey School of Business, university of Western Ontario, london, Ontario. His research examines IT-facilitated distributed work arrangements, including consequences for employees (telecommuting), groups (virtual teamwork), and managers (remote leadership). Dr. Neufeld's research(More)
Productivity of remote workers is of critical concern to organizations and managers contemplating telecommuting arrangements. Here we suggest a general theoretical framework for understanding telecommuter productivity, and then report on a two-phased research study. In the first phase, semi-structured interviews with 32 telecommuters were conducted in one(More)
Jorge A. Colazo Dispersion in working teams has been addressed by extant research mostly in terms of the physical distance that separates team members. Recently, the focus has shifted toward an examination of a newer construct –temporal dispersion (TD). The study of TD so far has been constrained mostly to conceptual work. This study furthers the(More)
In general, online buying behavior can be understood in two stages: the first stage is primarily concerned with encouraging people to purchase online and the second is to encourage them to repurchase, which is critical if the e-commerce vendor is to succeed. It costs more time and effort to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. Indeed,(More)